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#1 Preservatives

We do our best to eliminate unneeded preservatives in our products. That being said, if you introduce water to a product-that is an open door for bacteria and/or mold to grow. Do your best to keep products out of direct contact with water and you will increase the longevity of your product while keeping it free from other biological agents.

#2 Consistency is key

As with anything in life, consistency matters when trying to achieve results so incorporate your products into your daily routine for best results!

#3 Separation is natural

Different densities in some ingredients may cause separation over time. Shake liquid products well before using to reincorporate all that goodness.

#4 diet and exercise matters

What's going inside your body counts so be sure to choose health options when eating and stay active even if it's just a brisk walk. I do my part by creating products with well known ingredients to help you achieve your best self. Do your part by making good decisions for your health inside and out. Drink your water!

#5 Everyone is different

WHile I have done my research on the best ingredients and chosen those that are safe and effective for most people I can not make guarantees for the individual. although the ingredients I use are widely known to be highly effective, My products are not a cure all. Also, some of my products contain oils derived from nuts, Essential oils and herbs so please be aware of this if you have allergies. I am not responsible for any allergic or adverse reactions as my products are not tailored to the individual. Please use the contact form if you have any questions or concerns about my products before making a purchase.

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