Spiritual Bath Blends


A warm, relaxing bath – maybe with a few candles, a glass of wine and some ambient music – is a wonderful way to restore a tired mind and body after a long, stressful day.
Everybody knows that.

A `spiritual bath’, however, is a very different experience.
It’s a ritual – much like the ritual baths of ancient Rome — that actually cleanses your chakras, revitalizes your aura, and leaves you feeling more present, and in an extremely positive state of mind. This spiritual regeneration occurs not merely from the comfort of soaking in warm water, but from energies imparted by the powerful oils, herbs or crystals you have added to the bathwater.

Here is a quick primer on how to take a spiritual bath.
Try it! This amazing journey that will bring more positive changes into your life over time than you can possibly imagine.

What Is A Spiritual Bath?

Unlike a regular bath with soap, shampoo and water that cleanse the body, a spiritual bath works to cleanse the mind and spirit, using powerful ingredients that charge the bathwater with healing vibrations that help you remove blockages, hurts, pains and situations that are no longer serving you in any constructive way.

How To Prepare For A Spiritual Bath?

Step 1: Scrub the bathtub thoroughly first to make sure it is really clean.
Step 2: Set a mental intention that this time is totally yours and you will not be disturbed by texts, phone calls or visitors for the next hour or so.
Step 3: Take a quick shower and clean yourself first. Remember that no soaps or other cleansing agents can be used during a spiritual bath.
Step 4: Fill the bathtub with water at a temperature that feels most comfortable.
As the tub is filling up, gather all the ingredients you need (ingredients are given below). You may want to light an incense stick or a few candles or play some soothing music – anything that will relax your mind into a calm, meditative state. Release the tensions of the day, like you would in a spa, and focus on just enjoying yourself.
Step 5: Step into the bath and soak for about 20-30 minutes. As you relax in the water, clear your mind of all unwelcome thoughts and focus on your intention to let go of all stress and negativity. There is no right or wrong way to do this – as long as you’re relaxed and enjoying yourself.
Step 6: Spiritual baths are strong, and therefore you should not overdo them. Twice a month should be more than sufficient to start. Your inner guidance will let you know if you need more.

-Info excerpt from HydroLiveTherapy

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